WE Token Launch And Answers To Almost Everything You Need To Know About The Launch

WE Token launch was scheduled for 4 P.M. UTC ON 20th October 2021. We know you guys may have various questions regarding liquidity, price fluctuation, and slippage, you don’t need to panic about anything we are here to answer all of the questions you may be having by now.

Token Launch-Dynamics

Scheduled for 4 P.M. U.T.C. on 20th October 2021 the launch of WE Token got delayed by a few minutes due to come technical errors. All of our team would like to offer warm apologies to anyone who had to face any inconvenience due to it.

Faulty Claims Of Price Fluctuations By Some People

If you keep sweets in open, beetles are sure to come to attack it! And the same is the case with every good thing, you will always find some notorious people who try to spread false data for spreading misconceptions and trouble amongst the people.

In order to ensure that the launch goes as planned, our team had to make test liquidity trades and other tests so that we can minimize the tolerance. With the hidden intention to create unnecessary FUD some people tried to share the data from liquidity tests to convince people about their faulty claims of “price fluctuations”. Even you can simply understand the observation from the test runs using the simple concepts from demand and supply where we observed fluctuations due to a small “Test-liquidity” pool of 5$.

But WE are glad that our “concrete-strong” community help their trust in us tight and avoided the FUD, making things a lot more convenient for everyone.

Liquidity Issues Claimed By A Few People

Many of our investors were worried about the unlocked liquidity pools and price fluctuation possibilities. Answering all of such questions we will like to inform everyone that the initial liquidity pool offered was WE-BNB, along with the WE-BUSD pool getting up for its availability during the launch. In order to maintain a perfect balance between the two pools and to avoid any undesired situations initially the liquidity pools were unlocked, but as of now all of our liquidity pools are locked and you can cross-verify it if you wish.

Price Fluctuation Worries Of Some People

Here, the most notable thing to understand before we go on explaining anything is, that WE Token is a component of our business that helps us function even better it’s not the money-making component of our business. Wanda’s gigantic payments’ ecosystem ranges to a size of up to 100,000 real estate available for sale directly in crypto, and WE is the native token of the Wanda ecosystem that helps us make 0 FEE payments and ATM withdrawals available for our users.

So, ensuring a stable price of WE is among our top-most priorities, and the team will continue to rebuy WE tokens in order to maintain the price of WE if needed.

The Bottomline

In the end, we would like to say that our aim is to make a payments infrastructure that could stand next to the FIAT infrastructures in terms of usability. And WE Token is just a part of our business infrastructure that will enable us to reach that scale and provide us scalability solutions. Therefore, for us WE Token launch is not a money-making business, rather it is more about spreading our thoughts and crypto revolution to the community. And we would like to seriously apologize to everyone who faced any kind of inconvenience during the launch, and we would like to thank our amazing community for their concrete trust and support for us.