Wanda.Exchange x Candao.io AMA Recap

13/11/2021 — Wanda Exchange has recently partnered with Candao.io for the formation of a new decentralized ecosystem. The partnership would be working on various dimensions ranging from project development to data analysis for the development of a better-decentralized ecosystem. We had a fun talk with Pawel Barylski, Marek Lewandowski, and the Wanda Team about the progress of the project. Catch up on the details below, so that you don’t miss out on any of the important info:

Note: some of the text may have been edited for clarity.

Wanda Admin: Hi everyone, and welcome to a special AMA with Wanda.Exchange and Candao.io team! It’s my pleasure to introduce to you Pawel Barylski, and Robert Wesker Candao’s Co-Founder, and Marek Lewandowski, Candao’s CAE.

Hi, Pawel and Marek thank you for joining us today! There are some questions I have received in advance and I would like to start with them to give the audience a better understanding of the platform if you all don’t mind.

The session will be rotating questions, 1 for Candao, 1 for Wanda to the audience’s satisfaction. After all of the questions are answered, if anyone has questions, please feel free to clear any of your queries. So without wasting any time let’s get started!

Q1 (Candao): What exactly is Candao in general, I guess the community would like to hear about the project and what is it about, what are you guys doing?

Pawel: Candao.io is a decentralized social network ecosystem. To put it in an easy way, we can compare it with social networks in web2.0 and web 3.0. In web 2.0, the social network has limited features, but in social media 3.0, which is a decentralized social network, the best part being you can build and create to exchange value in this social network.

Here everyone can work on their idea and build together, using smart contracts and tokens to exchange value. Say, for example, the project needs a lawyer and if there is a lawyer who believes in your project, you can pay him with your token. What you did is exchange his time for value and tokenize it into the token. The lawyer can use these tokens to pass and transfer the value for goods and services in the future.

To put it in short, in Candao people create value and transfer it into tokens. And Candao.io can certainly claim that we are revolutionizing social media platforms to make them more decentralized and give people control of things.

Wanda Admin: It’s like the time-sharing concept right? You do the task for others and they do the task for you.

Marek: Well exactly, if you look at the world, a lot of us are doing the job that we don’t like. Say, I’m a father and as the father, I probably have a lot of advice for other fathers and I’m not getting paid for it. What about if I could, what if I joined a fatherhood-oriented project so I can play a role as a father and educate others as well and get paid for that. Doesn’t that sound amazing!

Pawel: Consider if you could share everything, your data, your time, your skills, your assets, your passion, your connection everything you could imagine and monetize it. Everyone could join and participate.

Wanda Admin: Thank you, that is a very clear explanation of what Candao.io is about.

Q2 (Wanda): A question for the Wanda team. Diego, can you explain the information about the advantages of upcoming AI integrated ATMs?

Diego: Yep, absolutely, well I think AI is a huge thing. Currently, we are using AI in the traditional way. Our ATMs will be a new and evolved version of ATM on the latest android. Doing that it will be possible to integrate a new API combined together with the AI which will allow the possibility to provide cash withdrawal in exchange of WE tokens and other crypto at 0% fees.

As we know there is a cost for refill cash and ATM rental space, that’s a huge cost for us. We can pay part of it with our AI, it displays ADs while it is inactive. And another part that we want to highlight is the AI will be able to forecast and tell us when and where to sell the token, that’s another part of the profit for us. For us, AI will be a very important part, not only for the ATM but will also be used on the POS system. That’s what our AI is mainly programmed for.

Wanda Admin: So it is helping users to get the best price and best timing as possible right?

Q3 (Wanda): I believe many people are curious about what kind of ‘data’ does the Wanda ATM machine use to be able to speculate the future movements?

Dennis: For the data part, it’s a little of a difficult question that could be answered specifically. So what we are looking at is 2–3 types of data, fundamental value, technical value, and sentiment analysis. We are trying to build a secondary system that gives a sentiment of that exact point and time of the different types for a cryptocurrency. And then when you combine all of this data together, then the AI will be able to forecast the volatility of the coin on a much more precise level. It will analyze when and what does the market need to gain momentum.

Wanda Admin: That would be a great reason for bringing AI ATM to the Wanda Project, sounds so exciting!

Q4 (Candao): Back to the Candao team, can you explain the terms ‘Matchify’ that Candao mentioned on the website, what’s the idea behind it? What does it mean?

Pawel: In general, Matchify is a tool that we use to match people. All of them have different roles, we use AI to match each other. Not only for people but also for the projects, assets, basically everything. In short, Matchify connects everything to everything relatable to it.

Wanda Admin: I guess that’s the similar concept of the ‘Time-Sharing’ that we discussed together.

Robert: Yes, it is similar to time-sharing. Basically, people can connect to each other and sell their skills for personal tokens.

Marek: Just imagine that the platform provides access to a big marketplace where experts, specialists, and technicians play different roles. And everyone can find and participate in the project that they are interested in. Blockchain is tracking their previous records, how successful they are in their previous projects. The AI will select specialists for the project based on the data, in the most efficient manner possible. There is a lot of data we look at when ‘Matchifying’ everything together.

Pawel: We want to introduce the world to our scanner system. In the past, if you want to work with someone, you have to believe and trust in them. But what if you could follow every person’s record of what they did in the past. Kind of like the Etherscan concept, but for people.

Q5 (Candao): What is Candao’s personal token? What can it do on Candao.io platform?

Marek: When you join Candao space, you will basically receive a 21million of personal tokens that you can exchange with people for brand tokens and asset tokens.

Pawel: It’s very different when you compare it with the existing social media. Data is the gold of the current century and we don’t own it, corporations own it. Each personal token has an NFT ID and you can decide what to do with it, it’s your right to own your data. You can sell it, give it to others or make use out of it.

If I’m creating a project, you need your personal token to participate in the project, in the value that I’m making. And I hold a part of the value in you, both are speculating in each other that each person’s value will be appreciated in the future. You are investing in people, this is how we liquify our platform.

Robert: So if you recommend Marek as an advisor for a project, you might get paid in Marek’s token. Circle of token automatically distributed token to the thrid party. The liquidity pool can be built on top of any businesses or anything.

Q5 (Wanda): Can you explain about the dynamic user interface that will work on the WE ATM?

Dennis: We are going to create an artificial user interface or you can call it a dynamic user interface. The AI will gather some information throughout the user experience, and then try to figure out how and when people succeed in doing what they need to, how do they get from A to B. Dynamic user interface is like a living interface that helps you get through what you want to, especially for you.

It’s actually as simple as a normal ATM. If you all remember in the past there will be a clerk that was hired to stand by the ATM to guide you through all the stuff, to make it easier for you to use it. What we are trying to achieve is, we are trying to fill that gap between users and the clerk by using artificial intelligence but with some extra loaded features. The AI will guide your hands through the journey, learn from it to make it better everyday.

Wanda Admin: Wow that’s huge!

Q6 (Candao): What’s Candao trustless launchpad?

Pawel: Imagine you invested in a project and sadly, it’s a scam project or trying to run away with the funding money. But what if you could manage the launchpad project in DAO. If a project could not deliver according to their roadmap or looks like going to be a scam project. People can make a vote and will be able to take their investment capital out of the launchpad. It’s a solution to one of the biggest problems in crypto space where in 2017 most of the ICOs were scam projects.

Q7 (Wanda): When are we going to see the first new generation of WE ATMs installed?

Diego: Well, we hope the new version ofATMs will be released within Q2 next year. I hope it’s going to be around summer time, we will releasing the first batch around that time. We expect to have the ATMs not only in Thailand, we are going to launch them in a few more countries together when everything is ready. We are working hard for it.

Q8 (Candao): For the Candao team, can you share the project development status? When will the project go live? When will users be able to use these personal tokens and the above mentioned launchpad?

Pawel: This is quite an exciting part. Right now we are doing our public sale in Q4. People will be able to go through our launchpad, it’s going to happen in the next few days. Based on this, first of all, users will be able to pick up their profile pages. Everyone will be able to have their own news feed, create their own post, and have a web 3.0 wallet.

After that we will use our own launchpad to deliver launchpad for every partner and every project that would like to join. We aim to tokenize every project, business and organization using multirole and matchify. MVP of our platform is planned for Q1 next year and everything will follow.

Wanda Admin: Right, I hope everyone got a clear picture of Wanda and Candao’s partnership. After this, I’ll let anyone who’s curious about the project ask the question with the team.

For more details, you can follow up on Wanda’s telegram channel. There are a lot of questions that the Candao team has covered up there, plus more info about Wanda.Exchange’s next steps and announcements.




ICO: www.wanda.exchange, Platform: www.paybitcoin.in.th, Info: www.wanda.co.th

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ICO: www.wanda.exchange, Platform: www.paybitcoin.in.th, Info: www.wanda.co.th

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