Overwhelming Response For Wanda’s AMA — A Quick RECAP

Venue : Crypto SquadX
Date :27 AUG 2021
Time: 02:00 PM UTC.

The AMA was conducted amidst the presence of glorious experts from Wanda Exchange’s core team. Mr. Diego Hert who is the Innovation Lead and CMO at Wanda Exchange answered the queries from various crypto enthusiasts regarding WE Token launch and the stellar business model of Wanda Exchange. Ranging from the diversified functionalities and current use case of WE Token to the future prospects-Mr. Diego impressed a vast majority of the audience with the depth of his project.

A Quick Recap

The AMA started with a quick introduction of Wanda Exchange and its business model by Mr. Diego Hert. Which included the very basics of Wanda’s functioning systems and how WE Token will be an irreplicable part of Wanda’s mammoth payments’ infrastructure.

To the audience’s surprise, Mr. Diego announced a quick prize pool of 250$ for the audience on completion of various milestones within the event. This gave a huge energy boost to the audience, and trust or not the people were extraordinarily happy to get early airdrops of the WE Token. Because those who understand the value of WE Token seriously love it!

Some Quick Takeaway Points From The AMA

  • Wanda Exchange is backed by Mr. Dariusz Wota who is a great philanthropist and an active social worker. Currently, Wanda Exchange’s subsidiary Wanda Foundation contributes to social causes through a percentage from Wanda’s total profit pool. Therefore, in whichever company we expand our ATM and PoS services in the future, Wanda Foundation will keep on supporting local causes through a percentage of Wanda’s total revenue.
  • Wanda Exchange’s WE Token is not just any other blockchain with zero functionality. Wanda Exchange is already a reputed payment giant in Thailand a leading crypto ATM service provider in Thailand and Poland. Also, our payment infrastructure is currently spread over a network of 1000+ merchants spread over the whole of Thailand who offers luxury services in crypto! WE Token is aimed at further smoothening Wanda’s payments infrastructure, therefore; we can say WE Token is a part of a big plan and the big plan is already big enough to be officially recognized by the Government of Thailand. So, people can really put their precious trust in our WE

An Explanation about the ѕmаrt аррlісаtіоns оf Clоud and Artificial Intelligence Tесhnоlоgу which supports our project

We can show you some insights into the training results, a simple architecture summary, and volatility forecasting of our AI mechanism. It has been planned to integrate this into our contracts when “AI-training” is successfully done. Please note, that even if the AI Bot is already working very well and very precisely, we still need to “feed” him with more data to make it ready for the automated market launch.

You can also find some results we have done with stocks, AMZN for example in the above example. At the moment it's only about “feeding” new data to make it ready for market launch latest when vesting contracts have fully issued all tokens.

Please note, that these insights are training data only. The whitepaper will be updated with much clearer and more precise information about our AI mechanism.

Some Further Insights

  • The greatest achievement of WE Token is to bring new people into the crypto ecosystem. The current use case of WE Token arises in Wanda’s Payments Infrastructure and 0 Fees FIAT Withdrawal ATMs. All of these services are helping local merchants harness the power of crypto to give their business the real heights it deserves. Thus, WE Token becomes an integral part of Wanda’s Ecosystem where WE would require to keep flowing to maintain the growing needs of the infrastructure. Thus, you can remain stress-free about any whale’s rug pull attacks or any such thing because a majority of WE Token always keep flowing in the circulation to keep the system running which prevents excess accumulation of WE Token in a single person’s hand.
  • Anyone can access our services from any part of the world, and can buy real estate and other luxury services for crypto and obviously our WE Token! Soon we are planning for a global expansion after which people would be provided with the facility to withdraw local FIAT for cash, almost anywhere in this world! This solves another major problem and is another potential use-case of the WE Token, usually, business owners have to pay huge sums as transaction charges and conversion fees when they migrate their funds from one country to another or simply tourists face numerous banking and currency issues regularly when they travel, but if they use WE for local FIAT withdrawals they can exchange their crypto-assets instantly for local FIAT almost anywhere in this world.

You can find our current functioning Crypto ATMs and other PoS solutions using the following links:-



Active POS partners in Thailand (at the moment partnering with CEX due to certification reasons)


The enthusiasm and the terrific zeal of the audience and the investors were highly overwhelming throughout the event. 25 of the lucky participants of the AMA got a chance to win early drops of the WE Token, and WE can assure you this can truly transform their lives in the coming times!

For further updates and other amazing crypto content, stay tuned with us on our socials. Till then keep researching, keep learning, and the most important-learn investing!




ICO: www.wanda.exchange, Platform: www.paybitcoin.in.th, Info: www.wanda.co.th

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ICO: www.wanda.exchange, Platform: www.paybitcoin.in.th, Info: www.wanda.co.th

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