Day3-Reason3-Be a Part Of The First Ever “FULLY FUNCTIONAL” Crypto Projects

As promised in the previous article, we are back with the third part of the “8 Reasons to Be a Part of The WE Ecosystem” series. The deciding factor that determines the success or failure of a project, is the community behind it, and the opinion of the people currently using it. Wanda.Exchange is among some of the most revolutionary crypto visionaries, who are currently involved in some of the most highly functional real-world crypto applications.

Currently based in Thailand, Wanda.Exchange operates with its highly secure and trusted network of merchants providing crypto payments gateways. With Wanda.Exchange you can buy Real Estate, make large-scale investments, and pay for your luxury services in crypto! The initial response Wanda.Exchange has received just within a span of a single year is truly overwhelming. With new merchants joining in every day and hundreds of applicants in the funnel, the Wanda Network is growing like a truly wild forest fire in Thailand!

The Trusted Vested By Wanda’s Community In The Project

The real value of Wanda.Exchange lies in the trust vested by Wanda’s Community into the project. Wanda.Exchange’s ICO for its native WE Token is receiving an extraordinary response from crypto-netizens, which has led to the formation of a highly energetic and educated community who believe in the vision of Wanda, and the principle of crypto!

Not only is Wanda.Exchange is involved in bringing blockchain applications to real-world, but we also uplift society. Wanda foundation is an initiative by Wanda’s core team that utilizes a percentage of Wanda’s profit for various social causes. Wanda Foundation was actively involved in food aid and other remedial campaigns during the pandemic to contribute towards the betterment of society.

Wanda Foundation further plans to give back to society through some of its highly visionary projects. Wanda Foundation plans to start community schools and skill development centers in the under-developed areas to aid the under-privileged sections of the society. For this cause, a small fraction of WE Tokens has already been donated to the foundation, which would be used for this cause under the strict surveillance of local authorities.

Wanda’s Expertise Is The Reason Behind The Trust Vested By The Community Into Them

The team behind Wanda.Exchange is a highly experienced one with the core members possessing rich experiences of such ventures in the past. And some of them even being associated with blockchain technology dating back to the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 are some of the most experienced people in blockchain technology. The founders of Wanda.Exchange have already been engaged in Bitcoin ATM services, which they currently run to date.

The lessons and the shortcomings from the current Bitcoin ATM technologies were their motivation behind building Wanda’s specialized blockchain that can run at 0 FEE! If we go on giving further details; Mr. Dariusz Wota is the founder of Wanda.Exchange, who started Wanda with a vision of transforming the financial infrastructures. Some of the driving forces behind the idea of Wanda.Exchange are the learnings from the founder’s various experiences of setting up multiple successful ventures overseas through the span of 25 years.

According to Mr. Wota in the past 25 years, he observed the “way of doing business” change, but one thing that didn’t change was the “Great FIAT saga.” According to him the major resistance in front of every business owner who plans to expand overseas are the FIAT conversion issues, ATM Fees, and FIAT Banking issues. Therefore, Wanda.Exchange is a result of his 25 years of keen observations and practical experiences to provide the world with a highly efficient, 0 FEE financial infrastructure. And this is the reason behind the never-ending trust our community vests in our project.

The Bottomline

As promised in the previous part, this was the third part of our highly awaited series, “8 Reasons To Be A Part Of The Wanda Ecosystem”. We hope you would already have been convinced with the idea of Wanda after looking at our roadmap and whitepaper. If not, we will request you to stay tuned and navigate through the series to get complete insights into our business, and then make your decision. And we can guarantee, you would not be able to stop yourself from being a strong believer in Wanda after going through our amazing business map.

We will meet you again soon with yet another part of the series. Till then keep researching, keep learning, and don’t forget to stay tuned with our socials to get regular updates.




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