Day2-Reason2-Be a Part Of The First Ever “FULLY FUNCTIONAL” Crypto Projects

As promised in the previous article, we are back with the second part of the “8 Reasons to Be a Part of The WE Ecosystem” series. Privacy is a fundamental right that must be ensured to every human. But in the current day’s highly centralized financial systems, the real financial secrecy is just a bluff, because the centralized authorities have a track of all your transactions!

It is an important thing to understand that a private transaction is not an illegal transaction. There may be a diverse plethora of reasons for which we may need private and highly secure transactions in our day-to-day life. Businesses run on secrets and these secrets are what, that keep the businesses running! Therefore, for a businessman, private transactions and highly confidential investments are an integral part of the business.

Wanda Exchange is a Government Certified Entity that facilitates everyone with the facility to make highly secure and private real estate and other forms of investments through their smart AI Blockchain solutions. Ever since their launch, Wanda’s services have been in high demand throughout every sector of the current financial systems. Wanda’s payments infrastructure currently ranges to over 1000+ merchants who partner with us to bring the first real-world crypto to physical investments gateway.

How Does The Launch of WE Token Make A Change?

The current size of Wanda’s Business Services ranges to a mammoth size of over 100,000+ condos directly available for sale in crypto, and various other luxury services for which you can pay in crypto! With the launch of WE Token, 0 fee transactions will be observed that will bring huge difference for both the sellers and the buyers as it saves a lot on cost and adds an additional lever of high scale security and privacy.

Also, with the launch of WE Token, the holders of WE Token can withdraw local FIAT in exchange for WE Token in almost any part of this world, and that also at 0 fees. This will make huge differences in the current day business methods where payments are costly and super slow. Also, Wanda’s Crypto ATMs ensure high levels of privacy and facilitates the token holders with highly efficient transactions that save both time and money.

Current Insights Into Wanda’s Recent Statistics

Wanda Exchange under their subsidiary Pay Bitcoin In Thailand made some record-breaking sales in recent times. Some of the recent sales include large-scale real estate investments that were made through highly private gateways. Here, privacy doesn’t mean that you are hiding anything it simply means that the information of the transactions is just limited between the transacting parties. During the overall sales process, the buyers were able to save huge sums on the transaction fees and our smart AI systems were able to make huge discounts for them by choosing the correct gateways and mediums.

For the seller, Wanda’s PoS ensured high-speed transaction-the sellers were able to receive the total amount in their accounts within minutes and at the minimum costs! This helps our merchants expand their business via saving on transit time and cost, and the additional crypto payments options bring high-end business possibilities for them as in current day scenarios there are a lot of people willing to invest through crypto gateways to ensure their privacy!

The Bottomline

The launch of WE Token will be a notable event in the history of crypto as in real senses it is the only crypto project that is already functional in the real world with transactions being made every day. An important factor to consider here is, WE Token is not our business, rather WE Token is our tool to ensure the smoother functioning of our business. Therefore, WE Token is already a fully functional project that will always stay in high demand due to the varied use-cases. You can remain stress-free with an investment in WE Token because you always know that its use will increase with time with the increasing use cases.

Still not convinced with to be a part of the ecosystem? In the coming parts, we will bring some more amazing reasons to join the WE Ecosystem, that can completely change your life. Till then stay tuned with our social media handles for more info!




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